Best matching special Japanese shot glass for Sake, ‘ARITA-YAKI.’

For 400 years anniversary since ARITA-YAKI had been founded in town of Arita,
Saga Prefecture, the newest items of ARITA porcelain named “LIN” and “CHI-NO-HAI”
meaning cup from the land were lined up with new concept of

“Enjoying color texture and beginning of summer”

in new fashion-led city, Midtown in Roppongi, Tokyo in middle of May sponsored by
Saga-Prefecture and in corporation with leading potteries located in Arita area,
Saga Prefecture.

Luxury and attractive coloring and metal-like texture are well matched with a beginning of summer season.
New item of “LIN” and “CHI-NO-HAI” is developed as porcelains well matched with “SAKE”.

The tone of color is varied depending on eye’s angle and cup of “LIN” shining like pearl is so beautiful.
Metal-like texture and luxury with attractive coloring are oddly enough well matched with any
space and it makes us feel like unusual atmosphere and healing.

ARITA-YAKI is the ware produced in the area centralized in town of Atrita, Saga-Prefecture
since early 17th century.

It features transparent-looking beauty of white porcelains, brilliance and delicacy.
It’s lightness, glass-like smoothness and hardness are attractive.

It is quite ideal for tableware including cup for SAKE owing to it’s durability and none absorbency.
Most of ARITA-YAKI is porcelains and not China-wares.

Three distinctive patterns called “Kakiemon” style , “Nabeshima” style and “Koimari” style
are very famous for ARITA-YAKI.

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