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Thank you for visiting Import Sake from Japan! This website is run by Genos, a leading liquor wholesaler based in Tokyo with origins dating back to the Edo era about 400 years ago. You can import high quality Sake directly from Japan with reasonable prices.
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We are Genos

We, GENOS, are one of the largest Japanese leading liquor wholesaler, Tokyo-based, and its annual sales is about 100 million dollars in 2014.
We introduce amazing points of Sake from different kinds of viewpoint,
and hope it would be interesting for you because we want all from
all over the world to know how wonderful Sake is. Cannot remember all the information? That’s fine. Only thing you need to know is enjoying Sake!
So let’s say cheers in Japanese? “KAMPAI”!!

Our specialization

Since we are trying to accomplish our mission “To be the first Japanese Sake négociant in a wholesaler (not breweries)”, we can give you many options of Sake which are made by breweries from all over Japan in affordable price and with the high quality as much as drinking in Japan. Also we can recommend some information around Sake like food go well with Sake and shot glass for it. You could get not only Sake, but also some information about the Sake from us. Explore Our Selection on the top page for getting information about Sake selection, food for Sake, and shot glass for Sake.