Delivery Flow…

*How the order is going to be・・・・

The order is handled by us carefully in the following procedures listed in 1 to 7.

*How the shipping is going to be・・・・

The shipment is also handled with care, especially in case of sea-shipment, taste & quality of “Sake” is carefully taken care by Reefer container in either full container loading or LCL (less than container loading) keeping the temperature at an adequate conditions. For more details, please see the following procedures listed in 1 to 7.


  • 1.Make an inquiry

    Please send us your company information through the contact form. Please feel free to let us know your requests about transportation such as air-port, sea-port, etc.

  • 3.Ordering

    Please fill out the order sheet and send it back via e-mail to us to secure your order.

  • 5.Payment

    Please make 100% advance payment before our shipment by remittance of Telegraphic Transfer (T.T. remittance) to our bank account listed on an Invoice. All banking charges shall be borne by a customer.

  • 7.Delivery

    After your order is landed at your destination sea-port and/or air-port, it is recommended to keep them in low-temperature conditions like about 14-15 degree Celsius ( about 57- 59 Fahrenheit) to keep them at the best quality conditions all the way from the port till your consumer’s hand.


  • 2.Send order sheet

    We will send you quotation & order sheet based on CIF your port when shipped by sea or Door to Door service when shipped by air depending on quantity and your requirement.

  • 4. Send Invoice

    We send you an invoice for your payment via e-mail and start preparation of shipment.

  • 6.Shipment

    Shipment will be made as soon as possible either by air-cargo or by sea depending on shipping conditions which you agreed in our quotation. After shipment, we will send you a copy of Air Way B/L when shipped by air and a copy of Bill of Lading when shipped by sea through e-mail as a shipping evidence.

    In the sea shipment, it is ideal to ship by Reefer container keeping the temperature at around 7 degree Celsius or 45 Fahrenheit if available to your destination, to keep quality of Sake at the best conditions. Quality of all “Sake” for an exportation is strictly controlled by keeping them in low temperature storage in bonded warehouse in Japan until goods are loaded on a Reefer container.