Best matching special Japanese shot glass for Sake, ‘ARITA-YAKI.’

For 400 years anniversary since ARITA-YAKI had been founded in town of Arita,
Saga Prefecture, the newest items of ARITA porcelain named “LIN” and “CHI-NO-HAI”
meaning cup from the land were lined up with new concept of

“Enjoying color texture and beginning of summer”

in new fashion-led city, Midtown in Roppongi, Tokyo in middle of May sponsored by
Saga-Prefecture and in corporation with leading potteries located in Arita area,
Saga Prefecture.

Luxury and attractive coloring and metal-like texture are well matched with a beginning of summer season.
New item of “LIN” and “CHI-NO-HAI” is developed as porcelains well matched with “SAKE”.

The tone of color is varied depending on eye’s angle and cup of “LIN” shining like pearl is so beautiful.
Metal-like texture and luxury with attractive coloring are oddly enough well matched with any
space and it makes us feel like unusual atmosphere and healing.

ARITA-YAKI is the ware produced in the area centralized in town of Atrita, Saga-Prefecture
since early 17th century.

It features transparent-looking beauty of white porcelains, brilliance and delicacy.
It’s lightness, glass-like smoothness and hardness are attractive.

It is quite ideal for tableware including cup for SAKE owing to it’s durability and none absorbency.
Most of ARITA-YAKI is porcelains and not China-wares.

Three distinctive patterns called “Kakiemon” style , “Nabeshima” style and “Koimari” style
are very famous for ARITA-YAKI.

A Trade Show ”Get ready for holiday season 2015” was held in Tokyo

We had a trade show “Get ready for holiday season 2015” at Shinagawa Prince Hotel in Shinagawa, Tokyo on October 7th, 2015. We shared the concept of this event “Drinking with food” with our about 700 customers and 39 beverage professionals; 23 wine breweries, 15 Sake breweries, and a beverage company. We had many projects such as Tasting hot Sake and premium wines, Selection of sake with wine glasses, Considering menu together, and Making cocktail recipe by . You could not only just plan to get great alcohols but also get wonderful idea for your menu.

Especially, on the project, ”Try the combo!!” is recommendation of drinking and food got great review by customers. Since food makes alcohol more brilliant, each professional had awesome recommendations that their drinking and some food which goes well with the alcohol for helping the customers to make their menu. We could make any kinds of menu happen, could be a very traditional one, or could be a creative one, it depends on the customers’ wants and needs. Alcohols are amazing any time, it is always good on a traditional way, but it doesn’t have to be on the styles like wine should go with western food, or Sake need to be with Japanese food, it could be more creative and proactive. We would love to suggest if you are wondering with your menu. Feel free to ask about it!!

We will have the next trade show in March 2016. It will be announced sometime soon!