Aizu Homare Special Junmai Namazume(Raw-bottled) 1800mml


  • Type of Sake: Junmai-ginjo
  • Prefecture: Fukushima prefecture
  • Producer: Aizuhomare Shuzo Co., Ltd.
  • Percentage of Alcohol: 16%
  • Amount: 1.8l (61.25 fl. oz.)
  • The concept is “a Sake to drink while having meals.” It tastes matured and clear. The taste and a little bit of sourness not only is enjoyable to drink itself but also go well with any dishes

Other information

Rice: 100% of Hanafubuki from Aizu

The degree of polishing rice: 58%

The degree of Sake: +6.0

Sourness: 1.5

Amino acid: 1.5

How to drink


Cold: 10-15℃(50-60℉)

Hot: 40℃(104℉)


When you are drinking cold one: The dishes which have ingredient taste itself, such as Sashimi(Raw fish), and Tempura.

When you are drinking hot one: The dishes which have strong umami-taste.