Echigo Koujiya Denemon Junmai-Shu 720ml


  • Type of Sake: Junmai-shu
  • Prefecture: Nigata prefecture
  • Producer: Echigo-denemon Co., Ltd.
  • Percentage of Alcohol: 14-15%
  • Amount: 720ml (24.5 fl. oz.)
  • It tastes light and clear. The brilliant aroma and pleasant sourness make great combination for any dishes such as Japanese, Asian, and western.

Other information

Rice: 100% of rice from Nigata prefecture

The degree of polishing rice: 70%

The degree of Sake: +1

Sourness: 1.3

Comment from Sakagura

We protect the quality of traditional Echigo way, at the same time, create Sake with distinguished aroma and taste, such as traditional Sake taste, seasonal aroma, and the scent of Sakagura. Also we consider safeness to our body as well. Enjoy the Sake which our Toji and Kurabito made with sincerity for a long time.