Hananomai Junmai-daiginjo-Zou 720ml


  • Type of Sake: Junmai-daiginjo-shu
  • Prefecture: Shizuoka prefecture
  • Producer: Hananomai Shuzo Co.,Ltd
  • Percentage of Alcohol: 16-17%
  • Amount: 720ml (24.5 fl. oz.)
  • It tastes rich, matured, and mellow. The fresh taste goes well with fruity aroma.

Other Information

  • Rice: Yamadanishiki made in Shizuoka prefecture
  • The degree of polishing rice: 50%
  • The degree of Sake: +4
  • Sourness: 1.3
  • Amino acid: 1.1

Comment from Sakagura

We, Hananomai, pick and maintain the most highest quality on ingredients, equipments in Sakagura, and communication between Toji and Kurabito for protecting traditional quality of Sake, and innovating at the same time. We believe making Sake is like taking care of our children because the one thing important to make Sake is love for them. Enjoy our Sake with the combination of tradition and innovation.